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The opportunity to purchase a Festival Membership  for 2021 opens October 1, 2020.


Memberships previously purchased for the 2020 event will be moved over to 2021, leaving only 16 memberships available for 2021.    

When you purchase an annual festival membership, you are instantly qualified to register for festival tours and activities one week before the general public. That means you get first choice on your weekend plans and don’t have to compete with hundreds of other festival goers.

  • Only 50 memberships are sold each year.

  • One membership is good for two registrants. (When the member registers, he/she may also early-register one additional person.)

  • Your $100 membership fee goes directly toward supporting the Migratory Bird Festival’s Youth Art & Education Program. Funds are used to bring a local artist and a wildlife educator into area schools, as well as purchase art supplies for the program. Using art as a tool to educate youth about birds and the importance of conserving habitat is effective and FUN!

  • Get ahead of the game and support youth art and education at the same time. We appreciate you!


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