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01.  About tours / activities

Pre-registration is REQUIRED for fee-based tours and activities. Please arrive early as tours depart at the scheduled time. Check-in at Bird Central (inside the Fairgrounds red ‘Memorial Building’) to be directed to your tour guide or caravan group. Caravan tours may stop at multiple locations along the tour route, or drive to a single destination for viewing and conversation. Your tour guide will give you all the details before starting the trip.


When choosing which activities you want to participate in, make sure to triple check the dates and start/end times - many tours have multiple days/times available. Some tours / activities are sold PER PERSON and some are sold PER VEHICLE. Make sure to read the descriptions closely! Also, make note of the many things available for registration that are FREE! Add these FREE items to your cart so we can get a head count of expected participants, and to have them listed on your event itinerary (you’ll get this in your confirmation email). 

02. We recommend...

Registration is completed through another platform called RegFox. We recommend having your tours/activities picked out ahead of time and then go to the registration page to click, click, click and "PAY NOW" - see item 4 for why this is important. The faster you are able add things to your cart and check out ("PAY NOW"), the more likely you are to get the tours / activities you want...before they are purchased by someone else. Even if you have something "in your cart," someone else can purchase that item if they "PAY NOW" before you do. 

03. Registering for more than one person at a time

You can add more than one seat to your “cart” at a time. For example, Friend 1 and Friend 2 want to make sure they get on the same tours. When Friend 1 registers, they can select two seats for a tour, activity, etc. and then continue on through registration! However, Friend 1 MUST make sure to “Add Registrant” at the end of their shopping. Friend 2 can be registered under Friend 1 and doesn’t have to add anything to their cart. 

04. VERY important detail about the timing of your registration

When you reach the end of registration and submit ("PAY NOW") your transaction,  you may get an error that says there was a provlem with your inventory - - - that means between the time you added something to your cart and submitted your payment, someone else selected and paid for that same inventory item, making it now unavailable (perhaps the last seat on a tour). Unfortunately, “Reg Fox” does not have true ‘cart’ functionality, like Amazon or any other retailer. What to do? SCROLL UP on the error page and click on your registrant name and reconfigure what's in your cart and try again.

05. Creating a registrant account

After you complete your billing information and submit ("PAY NOW") your transaction, you will get an email confirmation – this will show up on your screen as well. With this confirmed transaction, you'll have the option to set up an account with Reg Fox (the software we use for processing Bird Festival transactions). Look for the “Set Up Account Now” button. Having an account will allow you to go in and make additions to your “cart” without having to register all over again! Refunds and cancellations must be handled through contact with the event coordinators. 

06. Play fair; waiting lists

We want as many people to have an opportunity to participate in our tours, activities and workshops as possible. As such, we do not allow anyone to "reserve" a spot by booking two activities that occur at the same time. Anyone who is found to have double booked, will have their reservation spots cancelled. We also do not allow anyone to select and purchase multiple seats for tours and activities that do not directly correspond with a registered participant. Didn't get a tour/activity you wanted? Give us a call and we'll add you to a waiting list. 

07. Know before you go

Unless otherwise noted, tours depart from the Harney County Fairgrounds. Be prepared with your own amenities. Most tours travel to remote areas, and weather and road conditions could change routes of travel and the duration of some of tours. Bring snacks, lunch and water, and dress for changing weather conditions - “fowl” weather gear and sturdy shoes or boots are advised. There may be long stretches between restroom stops and the birds will only be as visible as they choose!

Participants with limited mobility should contact the Harney County Chamber of Commerce prior to booking tours to assure accessibility and accommodations. Must be 10 years or older to participate.

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