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Thank you for choosing the Harney County Migratory Bird Festival!


We gratefully welcome you to our community and appreciate your support of small, local economies. We are so fortunate to offer you tremendous birding opportunities AND the comfort, kindness and hospitality of our residents and businesses owners.  Enjoy your time in Harney County! Happy birding!


About Registration

  • First, when choosing which activities you want to participate in, make sure to triple check the dates and start/end times - many tours have multiple days/times available. This year we are also trying something new...offering a handful of "middle seats" for tours, so if the option is available, make sure choose your preference (between window and middle).

  • Make note of the MANY things available for registration that are FREE! Add these FREE items to your cart so we can get a head count of expected participants, and to have them listed on your event itinerary (you’ll get this in your confirmation email). 

  • Did you know you can add more than one seat to your “cart” at a time? For example, Friend 1 and Friend 2 want to make sure they get on the same tours. When Friend 1 registers, he/she can select two seats for a tour, activity, etc. and then continue on through registration! However, Friend 1 MUST make sure to “Add Registrant” at the end of their shopping (see the next point below). Friend 2 can be registered under Friend 1 and doesn’t have to add anything to their cart. 

  • We want as many people to have an opportunity to participate in our tours, activities and workshops as possible. As such, we do not allow anyone to "reserve" a spot by booking two activities that occur at the same time. Anyone who is found to have double booked, will have their reservation spots cancelled. We also do not allow anyone to select and purchase multiple seats for tours and activities that do not directly correspond with a registered participant.  

  • EACH PERSON must be a registered participant, even if all your tour seats/activities were booked under one person. Two or more people can process their billing together by utilizing the "Add Registrant" button at the end of the form - after you hit "Save," the "Add Registrant" and "On to Billing" options will appear. You do not have to register at all if you aren’t participating in any fee-based tours or activities.

  • After you complete your billing information and “submit” your transaction, you will get an email confirmation – this will show up on your screen as well. New for 2020, you’ll also have the option to set up an account with Reg Fox (the software we use for processing Bird Festival transactions). Look for the “Set Up Account Now” button. Having an account will allow you to go in and make additions to your “cart” without having to register all over again! Refunds and cancellations must be handled through contact with the site administrators. 

  • A $20 convenience fee is automatically applied to each registration for processing fees and site expenses. Despite the simplicity and ease of access with online registration, using “Reg Fox” (or any other software of this kind) costs the festival a good bit of money each year. Thank you for understanding our need to recoup these expenses. 

  • Important notice: WHEN YOU REACH THE END OF REGISTRATION AND "SUBMIT" YOUR TRANSACTION,  YOU MAY GET AN ERROR THAT SAYS THERE WAS A PROBLEM WITH YOUR INVENTORY - - - that means between the time you added something to your cart and submitted your payment, someone else selected and paid for that same inventory item, making it now unavailable (perhaps the last seat on a tour). Unfortunately, “Reg Fox” does not have true ‘cart’ functionality, like Amazon or any other retailer. What to do? SCROLL UP on the error page and click on your registrant name and reconfigure what's in your cart and try again. If you’re set on a certain tour, call the Harney County Chamber of Commerce (541-573-2636) and add your name to a tour waiting list! 

  • If a tour is listed as "SOLD OUT" and you are hoping for a seat, give us a call and we can add you to a waiting list for that tour. Cancellations DO happen, and seats DO open up on occasion.  

Cancellation policy

Full refunds before March 22. No refunds on or after March 22.

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